Ironland NPCs

Please forgive this jumbled mess of notes. It is helpful to some to remember who the NPCs are, there is quite a list at this point. When time and tides allow, I will clean this up.

Ingólfr:- Woodsman, trapper, ranger.  Name is roughly Wolf Ancestor or Wolf Father.
Old Gray:- Old and intelligent Timber Wolf who was under the Crone’s control. Later found running with an Elder Wolf’s pack.
Eurig:- Barge Captain, abandoned Branwhyn & Corinna @ Twin Rivers
Agidda:- “Great Grandmother of Terror” so named by Branwhyn.  Elder Beast Harrow spider that lives in a network of caves in the Northern reaches of the Havens.  Her breath smells of death and decay.
Katrin: Aggressive mercenary, Branwhyn met her while she as  fulfilling a duty to protect the Circle of Wolves Haven.  Hired just before the escape.  Feels betrayed by Branwhyn, distrusts Indirra.  Left Wolves landing not long after Zhan’s death.

Crow’s Perch [Ironhold]
Thane:- Agnarr Thorsten (Revolting Lord.  Motivations: Encourage Myths & Zeal, Chronicle Patience, Wants negotiations concerning current story.).  Grey Haired and Old with a wolfish smile. 
Cyne:- Gate Warden, woven beard, straw colored hair, beginning to bald.  Helped Branwhyn retake Crow’s Perch & Twin Rivers. Also helped free the people of Twin Rivers & guide them home.  Part of the Valknut.
Alard:- Gate Warden, not overly social.
Esyllt:- Herbalist, a former warden, and a friend to Branwhyn.
Orul:- Short and heavy set, wears a number of pouches. Slightly shorter tongue.  Will mumble for a while.
Thorli:- Greying hair, worn clothes and an iron amulet.  Father of Corinna.  Died during Broken attack.
Ruda:- Thorli’s wife, quarreled with Esyllt. Died during Broken Attack.
Adelaide:- Burgundy Red haired daughter, product of incest, laid 7 years in the crypt with her mother’s corpse and emerged a proper monster.  The Striga.  The Curse was broken by Steiner.  Now the Ward of Thane Agnarr Thorsten of Crow’s Perch.

Valknut: 7 Members
Cyne (Same as above):- Gate Warden, woven beard, straw colored hair, beginning to bald.  Helped Branwhyn retake Crow’s Perch.  Now leader (Captain) of the Valknut
Viggo:- means battle
Saga:- Female, thin framed but fierce
Brandt:- Means Sword
Sidan:- from Twin Rivers, scars on his stomach from having his skin liquified by spiders.
+3 Others Unnamed

White Tree [Circle]
Elder Hugo: Prying ranger, Insane & Distrustful.  Motivations: compel allies, institute/establish secret, attempt military
–Ignores primal urges (food, sleep, etc.), touches two fingers to forehead, splays fingers at side when frustrated, knows something isn’t right, Tyler Durden (fightclub) powerful and terrifying, 
–looking to gain leverage in an effort to create allies, institutionalize the secret of the witch (possibly the deal they have with the witch?), and increase White Tree’s military.
Snorri:- Hugo’s son.  Optimistic driver, neutral & knowing.  Motivations: secure laziness, guard pleasure, associate magic.
Morrigan:- Witch with blood of Skulde’s and Old Ones like Branwhyn.

Twin Rivers [Ironhold]
Lief: Steward of Twin Rivers, friends to the old Thane, inhabited by the Leshen.  long dirty-blond hair and an impressively thick mustache that dropped down either side of his shaved chin.  Broad shouldered with clear blue eyes, he had a natural nobility about him.
Aðalsteinn: Former Thane of Twin Rivers, killed in the fighting in the deep woods by Bramblehall soldiers.
Sidan:- from Twin Rivers, scars on his stomach from having his skin liquified by spiders.  Joined the Vulknat once his kith and kin were returned safely to Twin Rivers.
Håkon: Son of Aðalsteinn.  Headed south towards the Flooded Planes

Greybrook [Ironhold]
Trond:- Killed Knut over a woman.
Björn:- Knut’s father.  Shares a Bond w/ Branwhyn for putting Knut to rest.  Insisted Corinna be tied up after she briefly succumbed to her Hag instincts.  They have largely reconciled since.
Caj:- Björn’s second son, a blacksmith by trade as well.  Ordered to marry Britta for a year and produce a son to be named Knut.
Frida:- Björn’s wife, mother to Knut & Caj. Supersticious, probalby believes in the old ways.  Silver hair thinned with age.
Thane Hella:- Auburn hair and fierce auburn eyes.  Consummate warrior.  Owes Branwhyn an Iron Coin.  She forgot to give it to him at the council of Thanes.
Erling:- Thane’s husband. Equine features.
Trond:- slinder man, with wiry limbs, sharp eyes, and brown hair that has a feather like quality.  Sister to Britta.  Brother-in-Law to Knut.  Tried to reason with Knut but it came to blows and he killed him.  Lied about it after, saying a mountain lion carried him off.  Punished to provide for Björn’s  family as well as his own.
Britta:- Knut’s widow.  Trond’s brother.  Now Caj’s wife.

Watchtower of Ragnheiður
Knut:- Wraith who haunts the tower, slain over a woman.  Put to rest.  Used to beat his wife Britta and was a gnerally terrible human being.  Killed by Trond.

Brambelhall [Ironhold]
Vraji: Jarl of Bramblehall, rapped his sister Adelaide
Frøya:- Mother, sister to the Jarl, died in childbirth and laid to rest beneath the Menhir
Adelaide:- Burgundy Red haired daughter, product of incest, laid 7 years in the crypt with her mother’s corpse and emerged a proper monster.  The Striga.  The Curse was broken by Steiner.  Now the Wart of Thane Agnarr Thorsten of Crow’s Perch.
Gunvar:- “Cautious in War.” Reputable Officer.  Inquisitive & Sociable.  Motivations: join legends, work the law, fulfill resources. Caught in a lie by Branwhyn, drew the circle, burned severely by fire.

Mournful Cairn [Circle]
Wichelm:- Short red hair and a round honest face.  Gate Warden.  Killed by Branwhyn
Wulnar:- Former Thane, well muscled and well scarred.  Missing his left ear.  Long grey hair.  Turned bandit after being exiled.  Righteous villain.  Motivation: Proclaim Propaganda, Burden New, Learn Laziness.  Lost his right hand in a circle w/ Branwhyn.
Maura:- Wichelm’s widow. Straw blonde hair worn to cover her missing ear.

Bloodstone Spire [Ironhold]:- Built atop ancient ruins, specifically a tall stone tower claimed by the Seer-Thane Magnus the Jotunblood
Magnus the Jotunblood, also called the Skywatcher:- Ruling Magus.  Cautious, Inquisitive, brooding and Powerful. Produce Military, Compel Stories, Discover Enemies.

Wolves Haven [Circle]
Newly settled, under a curse they brought with them.  Descriptor, Dark. Darkness came swiftly to Wolves Haven, the high valley walls cutting off the light of the setting sun and cloaking the valley in shadows.  
Chief Zhan: Strong hunter wishing to spread faith of Vanagandr.  Makes a sucking noise when he puts a conclusion together. Has a weathered look about him, sun tanned skin and the perpetual squint of one with has spent long hours under the sun.  Killed by Branwhyn after he learned the chief has summoned and then lost control of the Elder Beast that had destroyed Damula’s Rest.
Parcell: A warden, only mentioned.  Trusted by ZhanMira: An honest herder, who wishes to protect the status quo.  Ergo, the way things are now.  No refugees.  Friends with Corinna but afraid of Branwhyn, thinks he is a Skulde despite his protests.
Jelma Longstride: a dangerous Conceited Warrior. Her current goal is to Make an agreement. Dislikes Branwhyn.  Blue eyes, blond hair. Believes Branwhyn broke/abandoned his Iron Vow to Zhan.  She is relieved though the two groups are now one again.

Note:- an Elder Wolf destroyed their last settlement (Damula’s Rest).  Zhan summoned but failed to control the Elder Wolf.  He and his followers fled, leaving the rest of Damula’s Rest to its fate.  Those that survived seek vengeance.  Jelma stayed at Damula’s Rest and fought.  She doesn’t want conflict and instead wants an agreement to be made, that Wolves Haven will take in the refugees.

Damula’s Rest [Ironhold] A ruin, attacked by an Elder Beast Wolf.
Indirra – Armored Priest, Avenge a wrong
Melia – Wary Hunter, protect a secret
Fara: Driven Vagrant, avenging a wrong.

Grimwick [Circle] Ancient dwelling reinhabited by Ironlanders, an extensive catacomb beneath.

Nazmi [Dead]- Old healer who was a young girl when the Ironlanders first came to these lands. A paraplegic herbalist.
Marn – Nazmi’s grandson, apprentice healer, substitute legs, a large burly man with a kind heart who has trouble speaking quietly.
Warden Bohumil – Obsessed Warden – Protect a person. Warden Chief, takes turns at watch and all other duties. A stern looking man with a magnificent drooping grey mustache. Tell tall and funny tales around campfires.
Cadigan – The next Thane of Grimwick.
Nakura – Stoic Farmer – Protect a person Prove worthiness
Egil – The Thane of Grimwick, possessed of a spirit found in the catacombs. The spirit is passed from parent to child.